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Revolvers can have the cylinder locked simply by grabbing it. This makes it a 0 shooter.

Anyway I took the OP as saying that the snubby is better because its shortness makes it harder to grab. When I compared my G-23 and G-22 to a Taurus 85 in my hand the snub was only slightly shorter. Realistically there would be virtually no difference in time for the BG to cover all 11/2 to 2 inches. Besides we should all practice gun retention and rapidly engaging multiple targets while retreating/moving.

I WOULD NOT want a full sized handgun to defend myself - because of the very truncated distances and the real possibility of having the gun grabbed before I stopped at least one attacker.
I'm not attacking the choice of a snub only the premise that it would offer any advantage to a carry gun sized auto.

For the OP. You preparing for a bum rush by 5 or 6 men with a 5 shot revolver????? Hope they quit.
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