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Sorry Barney... I'm very likely going to lay it on the ground gently.
It's not the Barney you have to worry about, Bill, it is the highly trained and keyed up SWAT-type that has seen way to many movements "in a slow deliberate manner" turn into attacks to allow them, particularly when you still have a weapon in your hand. You are already demonstrating that you will not comply with the officer's lawful orders (drop the gun), don't expect it to get any better when you make it worse (do not move).
Dropping some guns can potentially discharge the weapon if it lands on a hard surface.
If your gun is not drop-safe and that is a worry for you, I would suggest changing guns. If that is not possible, you should not wait at all, but the minute LE rolls up put the gun down and step away.
Futher, if you're so twitchy that you will shoot someone moving in a slow deliberate manner to comply with your order to disarm, ....
There is the problem. I'm not ordinarily twitchy, but you are not complying with my order to disarm. In fact, you are acting directly contrary to my requests and placing me in further danger of my life. That might make me sort of twitchy.

Any cop who would shoot in this situation deserves to lose their badge, if not their liberty. That's "trigger-happy".
I suppose the counter to that is any citizen standing around with a gun in his hands after a shooting who does not do exactly what the officer says deserves whatever happens to them. And don't expect the cop to lose badge or liberty. Shooting an armed suspect who does not follow commands rarely gets LEOs in much trouble.

So the cops are gonna shoot me as I'm slowly laying the gun on the ground?
No, the cops are going to shoot you because you are disregarding their instructions and putting them in danger while you have a gun in your hand.
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