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Looking for tuckable IWB holsters

I am in the market for two new holsters and am hoping you fine members can offer some insight. I am looking for IWB holsters that can be worn with the shirt tucked in overtop of. I'd like one for a Glock 36 and a Taurus 651 revolver.

So far I was considering:

Desantis Tuck This


Comp-Tac Minotaur MTAC

Tucker Gunleather - Cover Up IWB

Of these, only the Tucker seems to work with my revolver. I'd like some more options for the revolver hoslter; most seem geared toward autos.

Any oppinions for holsters would be greatly appreciated. I am not concerned with having extra mag holders on or with the holster, as I don't see a need to carry an extra clip (though I woulnd't rule out an otherwise good holster for having it.)

I typically wear about 3 o'clock position and prefer a straight rig, rather than a forward cant.

Thanks in advance!
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