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A pretty good article.

Two minor points before the one prompting me to type:

Black... I'd leave out black. Cooper didn't come up with it, reputably didn't care for its inclusion, and it is color number 5 in a 4 color code concept; which can be confusing.

I disagree with: "You will most likely be shooting from the hip or “Zippering” your shots in this situation." Maybe, maybe not, for the usual reasons. Doctrinally if that's where you're coming from though, fine, and it is neutral to the articles intent, either way.

Which brings me to the thing that grabbed me the most:

"But before any of this happens in a split second you will have gone through the first of literally hundreds of OODA Loops in any given confrontation."

Hundreds? I submit that hundreds is too high a figure in that high OODA loop counts require, by definition, the cycle to occur which takes time. Assigning an arbitrary OODA loop time of .25 seconds, a hundred of them would be 25 seconds. That's time simply not available in "any given confrontation."

Again, good article.
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