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I have ponderd long and hard on the issue of weapon lights, and im still at a similar empass. I have read on here that, dont point your gun at what your not prepared to kill, and i have read in various magazines were some writers said they will "light someone up" in there home. The writers say that you must have controll over your weapon, and that if you cant keep yourself from shooting something, you shouldnt have a gun.

From all the advertising i see with weapon lights, there explicitly(spelling>?) designed to be pointed at someone/something.

My second connundrum with the light situation is i hate one handed shooting. Yes I can do it and do i with just about as much accuracy as i can 2 handed, but i loose a little more then 50% of my sight alignment speed. Which to me is annoying. When using my 2 handed grip it seems like my sights almost instantly return to where there sapposed to be. Yet with one hand it seems like it takes almost half a second to get from fire to sight alignment to fire again.

So that is why i am having such a time figuring out which style i wish to use gun light or handheld. If i go to handheld i loose what i feel is alot of time getting back to my sights and firing.
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