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But the question really is, the whole thread in fact, is about what to do should you find yourself gun-in-hand and in a position where you need to avoid being shot by the cops. The gun-in-hand scenario IS the scenario. It's the one where people get shot. By preparing for it, you are preparing for the significantly less immediately concerning situations where there is time to call, holster, walk away, sit, render aid, whatever...

So to rephrase the question: What should gun-in-handers do to maximize their chances of getting shot by the cops?

Answer: Don't obey commands and move.

So, if a certain segment of people are inclined to not obey and move, fine, just understand that a certain segment of LEOs will be inclined to react using force up to and including shooting, and that given the context that will also be judged fine, albeit unfortunate.

And... Again... We're trying to advise a course of action so as NOT to get shot.
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