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OLDDRUM1, Where are you getting kid from, He said a woman not a kid. I was site mngr of a large corporate welding supply branch(Largest chain in North America) for a few years and had many customer service reps, drivers, salesman, etc., I was in charge of and not once did any hang up on a customer even if the person was screaming at them. If their was a problem they couldnt answer, They would transfer them to me or corporate HQ. Not just hang up no matter what the conversation was. And we didnt put notes on customers on our computers, There wasnt enough room for all the ones that complained. According to JP, He said it did not get heated and the woman wouldnt even give him her name. Since when is it not ok not to ask a persons name on the phone and get a lame answer like the one he got? I always ask a persons name that im speaking with so it can be documented. And most professional business owners require that the person announce their names when answering the phone(Hello, This is Mike can I help you?) I know what he went thru because I was in his shoes also with a problem that couldnt or wouldnt be answered. OLDDRUM1, I hope that you never have to send a Remington product for repair anytime soon. If so, You will realize what we have gone thru. I cant believe that your even sticking up for the people at Remington, Do you work for them?? Sounds like you know how they work pretty well and even know they got notes on their computers about thousands of irate customers and vendors. Hmmmmm, are you one of "Them"?
Like I said, Im done with Remington for now and im sticking with other brands until im convinced that I can get the service I deserve and not what they think I should get. I think if they continue like this, your going to see alot more posts like this one.
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