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JP Sarte Mike and barb

JP Sarte, I do not mean to cast a bad light over you affairs but I worked staffing for an office of about 800 Representives that were on the phones for a large company for the last couple of years before I retired. When they say your call may be monitored, that was me listening in. I want to get one thing clear first. Mikenbarb you did not hear the call as I did not and you have no notion of what you are even talking about. With that said, several things could have happened. A. New kid on the phones, The conversation got over his head and he got shook up and hung up. They may have disconnected because the computer and phone are two different systems and the kid may have hit the wrong button on the phone. They cannot call out. There phones are all inbound would be my guess. (Retrained or fired) (This is the kid I am feeling sorry for) B. Your behavior became unbusiness like. The kid hung up on you, called a supervisor over if one was not present and your account was noted as to why you were disconnected. C. This is the one that I would guess. You have been dealing with Remington a year over I do not know what. On this kids computer there is a note to call a supervisor immediately when you call. There may also be a note to not transfer in that Remington considers the situation closed. The supervisor may have been standing there and told the kid not to transfer. This office I would guess has your number. There are ways around this that you have figured out I see. Check you PM.
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