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I usually just pass by your posts, however this one bugged me.

“You will most likely be shooting from the hip or “Zippering” your shots in this situation.” That is one possible outcome, there is many others, most likely is overstated. Since there is no real data what is your basis?

“However I was taught that the originator of the “Color Code” was Jeff Cooper. Upon it’s inception it had absolutely nothing to do with tactical situations or alertness levels. It had everything to do with the state of mind of the sheepdog. As it was taught to me by an instructor who got it straight form Mr. Cooper, it relates to the degree of danger you are willing to do something about and which allows you move from one level of mindset to another to enable you to properly handle any given situation as it progresses.”

I was present for one of these discussions by the originator, as always some of the key ideas are missing from your thoughts. The color code was expressly generated to complement the powerful “principals of personal defense” a presentation developed by Mr. Cooper while working in Latin America. It is difficult to separate the two.

“Here is a few Tactical Guidelines I teach my students:
You will not rise to the occasion……. you will default to the level of training you have mastered. (Clint Smith – 1980s)
Maximize you distance from danger. (the M&Ms, Clint Smith – 1970s)
Observe hands. (Vic Cortez – 1980 Training to win, ACSO)
Shoot until the problem is solved. (Louis Awerbuck, Burn-um till they drop, 1989)Scan before re-holstering. (Street Survival, Adams / McTernan, 1980)
Do NOT give up if hit with a handgun round most people survive being hit with a handgun round. (Massad F. Ayoob – Stressfire)
'Conflict is inevitable; Combat is an option'.
When you’re doing OODA “loops” correctly; accuracy and speed improve together; they don’t trade off.”

Louie once pointed out that there is nothing in the view of “battle training” that is new, everything is a rehash of the past. This is called revitalization and is the combining of an old idea with a new technology. I just wish folks would give credit where it is due! I see nothing new HERE.

Oh, by the way, please stop sending me billing for a DVD that hit the trash before it was viewed.
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