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Like hell I'll drop my Steyr on asphalt! I'll SLOWLY bend and lay it down.
When your gun becomes more important than your life, there is a problem. If I tell you to drop it and you make any move with it, prepare to be shot. I've told you exactly what to do, you choose not to do so at your own peril.
Ah, I don't think so, scooter. I'll have a cop on report. If I'm offering no resistance, there is NO excuse for my being "man-handled".
And yet it happens every day. You've been in a shooting, you've shot somebody, don't expect much leeway. Look at all those "non-resisting" folks on the Dateline "To Catch A Predator" tapes. Besides, you've already shown that you are going to cause trouble because you did not drop your gun.

Briefly, and as clearly as possible, tell the officers FACTUALLY what happened, then ask to speak with a lawyer before you say anything else.
There is a reason Miranda starts with a warning. Do not tell the officers anything other than "he attacked me and I defended myself" or something along those lines until you get a lawyer present. What seem like very innocent words at the scene can be terribly damaging in court.

So, whatever you say or do has to solve that crucial predicament first.
Forget saying anything. Your actions will determine if you get shot at or not, not your words. And once your actions have been controlled your words no longer matter.
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