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Thumbs down for the New Remington.

JPsarte, I can relate to what your saying 100%. I bought myself a new 870 Express this past November as another gift to myself and another nice gun my kids can inherit when im gone. After 20-30 shots, The rib started to loosen up. After numerous calls(11 to be exact because I kept everything documented)and e-mails to Remington with no response, I was finally answered only to have them ask if I had done something wrong to it. WHAT! I couldnt even believe what I was hearing, The guy actually just asked me if I had done something to it??? I said, Yeah, I got my cutting torch out and put some cherry heat on the barrel to loosen up the solder joints. What a bunch of knuckleheads to even ask such a question. And then after 5 months at a "Repair center" and another 5 calls with no answers or knowledge of where it was or if it was fixed, They finally sent me a new barrel to replace it as if they lost the original(still dont know what happened to it). I own 13 Remington products(and alot of other brands) and thank god they are mostly older ones from when Remington was Remington and not just a person waiting for a paycheck on the other end of the phone. I am holding off on all of my future Remington purchases(Including ammo) till I know that their quality is back to where I DESERVE IT! And not what THEY THINK it should be. I have always had a passion for Remingtons but lately it has gone sour and I have lost faith in the New Remington compared to the Remington I remember from 20 years ago.
JPsarte, I wish you the best of luck getting your guns fixed but from my past experience, I wouldnt hold my breath and would just give to my gunsmith to fix and loose a few bucks. Good luck, Mike
OLDDRUM1, Even if he did yell at the customer service rep.(Im sure he didnt from my experience), Its their job to get it straightened out or transfer him to a person that can. The worst thing to do to a customer is to hang up on them!
Mike B.
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