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I kind of feel sorry for the kid that you were dealing with if you pushed them far enough to hang up.


I never said I pushed anyone. Read the post again. And again if needed. That's what makes the whole situation so ridiculous. If by pushing someone you mean asking for their name during a business call or asking for a supervisor, I would hate to do business with you. These questions are a normal part of business and foster accountability. They are the professional way to address problems.

Maybe the woman was having a bad day, maybe she does this on a regular basis, maybe she was drunk at work. God only knows. I am not sure I really care. If a customer is not behaving how you think they should act call for a manager. Hell, send them to another customer service representative. Anything but hang up on them.

Nevertheless, I am not sure what would motivate you to make such a comment about me? You don't know me, you didn't hear the conversation, and I am fairly sure you don't know the woman in question since you referred to her as a "kid". I am starting to wonder if you actually read the original post. Suggesting I somehow caused this conduct is akin to blaming the vcitim of a crime. "The guy must have done something to deserve it" mentality.

If during such a call I asked how your day was going you might think I was threatening you or insulting your manhood. What a completely inaccurate interpretation of that post. Oh, did I mention you should read it again.

By the way, you wouldn't happen to work for Remington would you? There are a few of those guys on this board that like to troll around and spread their company propaganda. If you don't work for Remington maybe you should consider it. Your attitude would fit right in there. Blame, Blame, Blame, counter accusation.

Finally I think you missed the purpose of this post and the purpose of this part of TFL. You are supposed to share your experiences with others so they can use the information when they consider doing business with a company. Members can take it or leave it.

Personal insults or suggestions of impropriety are wildly inappropriate.


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