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Tikka Caliber?

Hey all,
Thanks again for all your advice on my last post about the Tikka Hunter.
One last question before I finalize my purchasing decision.
I've pretty much narrowed my choice to 30-06 for caliber, but wanted to check with you fine folks to see if this would be a good choice for recoil (with the light weight of the firearm), accuracy at range (300 yards-ish, as I know myself well enough NOT to take a shot farther than that), and bullet weights. (I plan to get into reloading as well). The intended uses for this rifle will be punching paper, as well as occasional (when I can get away from work) deer/elk/antelope hunts. It also might need to be used on a local black bear if he gets to be too much of a nuisance for the neighborhood or gets too close to my 20 month old daughter.
Would you recommend another caliber? Any scope compatability issues with the stock rings they come with? I'm leaning to a 3-8X scope as well, but not sure if you have any recommendations that won't break the bank.
Thank you all in advance...I learn so much here!
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