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But whatever the legal aspects, they won't come in to play if you're dead from a police bullet. So, it's the immediate situation of being in an adrenaline rush with others who are in an adrenaline rush, all who have loaded guns, likely out and perhaps pointed at you, and all of whom are seeing you standing near an inert body and possibly with a gun.
Why the hell are you standing near an inert body? Why have you not moved to a position of safety?

So, whatever you say or do has to solve that crucial predicament first.
Like the Police will just believe the guy with a gun standing over an inert body? I don't think so. People lie to them all the time. They are going to have to assume you are the bad guy until it is otherwise established that you are not - since you do appear to be the shooter. Your best bet, if you are so slow as to be standing over the inert body with your gun in your hand, is to simply comply 100% with whatever the officers order you to do.

Actions speak louder than words.
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