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It's kinda tricky to do the easy on/easy off trick when you've got the tape switch running through a vert grip.

Unless you've tried it and are sure you like it, I wouldn't even recommend the tape switch. I've had both the rail and vert grip mounted tape switches and I've always gone back to pressure mounted.

Surefire tapeswitch, didn't like it, wasn't positive and crowded the rail.

Mounted without the tapeswitch w/ a vert grip. It was okay, a different tailcap would have helped in addition to having it lower & more accessible.

Sweetspot. Natural & intuitive. Easy to activate & control.

If I had to do it all over again (and didn't get an unbelievable deal on Scout lights), I'd get the G2 and put it in a Vltor or LaRue mount, depending on whether or not you were still going to run the Vert grip. And not the $60 G2 LED, but the $35 incandescent G2, and buy a 290 lumen LED upgrade to put in it for $20.

Hope that helped.
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