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CVA Bobcat Problem !!! ???

Last year I purchased a CVA Bobcat to be used for our trainig classes. I chose this model to present a side lock and the weight for the younger shooters. Have used it in three classes and have been having too many "Hang-Fires" and a few "Mis-Fires" Our shot sting is 40grns of 777, lubricate patched round ball and #11 Remington primers. Clean between groups of 6 to 9. Hang-Fires may present a good teaching opertunity but with larger classes, can be a pain in the you know what!!!

Besides chucking it into the pond, any suggestions on what can be done to correct this problem? Have shot side cockers for many years now and have never had a problem come up as often as this. This is the only Bob cat I have ever shot or will shoot. What do you guys think ??

Be Safe !!!
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