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Rail lights and home security

(I debated whether this should be Gadgets/Gear or Tactics. I’m still not certain so if a Mod feels this needs to be moved, all apologies in advance.)

Hi, folks. A bit of a flashaholic here. Been thru several Surefires but have pared them down to just a few E2E, a couple of G2Ls mounted on a Bushmaster M4gery and shotgun, and an A2 Aviator. Much more of a Fenix fan lately with an EDC of a P2D RB100 and a L0D Q4 – occasional use of a T1 and a P3D Q5.

So… I like lights! I’ve got several around and always one in the pocket. (Typically one with a max avail output of 180 – 215 lumens!) Still, I’m thinking of going with a rail light on one of the home guns. Likely the G30 or even more so, the G19. I’m not even slightly interested in a rail light on one of my carry guns due to my perception of bulk. I’m kinda sensitive to CCW size and usually limit urban carry to a P3AT or the 642 J frame.

Anyway, a rail light. Here is what concerns me. Yes, I’ve got one of the AR so I’m familiar with the concept in passing. Still, if I’m checking on a “bump in the night,” it is typically with one of the Glocks. I’m married with a 4 and 7 year old. With the kids in the house, I’ve got to be doubly careful about muzzle sweep when checking out a noise. I would like a rail light due to perceived convenience and one-hand manageability in home but what about muzzle sweep? How do you illuminate the environment without pointing the business end of a firearm at “things you’re not prepared to shoot?”

Maybe I’m having a dumb attack and am missing something. I think I would like a rail light for limited duty but it’s one thing to illuminate my wife or kid with light while a pistol is in a muzzle down / ready position – it is another to illuminate them while also pointing the muzzle of a firearm at them.

Help me out… should I stick to my status quo of a weak hand torch?
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