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I think they make decent products, lemons come in every batch. However, I agree that their customer service magnifies these lemons. I just bought a 597 as a cheap rimfire to practice with irons. Not much invested, no big deal. Problem is, front sight post was staked way off center. Not even close. With the adjustable rears at the extreme, it was still hitting way off-center with POA dead-on. So I bring it in to a service center (which was a hike, maybe it's just where I was at the time but it didn't seem like they authorized a lot of service centers). Yes Mr., you're right, they screwed this up alright, got to go back to the factory.

Didn't see that thing for the better part of a year. Pretty much forgot I owned it when they called to say it was ready for pickup.

Enjoying it now for the most part, I'd say it was worth the $100, but was that ever some slow service.
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