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For the most part, I would have to echo what mykeal has stated and really don't bother weighing the factory balls except when doing long range target shooting. The last time I weighed the factory balls, I found the Speer to be more consistant but have no problems with Honady. I group the weights, store them in separate containers and lable them. I have found that some groups shoot better than others. When I shoot this way, I clean between every round.

I too run my own lead and most definitely weigh them and recast the bad ones. Have to say that with my set-up, I have to reject about one third. I first do a visual and roll check and then weigh the ones that pass.

Now, getting back to the Black Bears, I mostly shoot conicals and have shot sabots. I put in some range time and work with my limitations. I went this way after seeing one Black Bear run off with a .50 round ball in the vital.

Be Safe !!!
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