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Good Info

The rifle I am using is a CVA St Louis Hawken I have owned it for several years and it has always been a dead on shooter 1 to 2 inch groups at 50 yds.I just recently put a Lyman 57 rear peep sight on it and replaced the front sight with a Lyman 17 and I have it dialed in pretty tight.This morning after church my neighbor came over with some Buffalo ballets we went down to my range and at 50 yds 5 shots with 3 touching,went to 100 yds and all 5 shots could be covered with my hand.I use a charge of 90 grns Pyrodex RS and have found this to be an excellent load for Iowa white tails.I am going to contact the Buffalo Bullet Co and find out if they have a closer weight variation on their round balls than Hornady.ELMOUSMC
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