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Now you're puttin words in my mouth I didn't say I didn't say over there it didn't exist. I said it was in the CT. Library. I DID say it was a .44 at first but changed it to .40 after doing some more searching. Also, I never said it WASN'T in the book. If you'll remember I came here asking Pohill if he knew where I could find a pic of it. As for saying Pohill saw it in person, I thought it irrevelant on that forum. SHEESH! I'm not questioning whether Pohill saw it or not. I firmly believe he did. I'm just questioning the caliber of the dang thing. You're asking me to take the word of someone I don't know. No offense to Pohill but I've seen plenty of guns in museums and a month later couldn't tell you what caliber each one was. One of those guys there has the book and says it was a .40. Two conflicting reports from two people I do not know personally.
It's really not that big a deal but you're making it one.
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