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Well Hawg, like I also said before we both heard it from the same Person that saw it...I didn't need to look any farther.
That in itself was proof enough for me.

Sorry to hear you got laid off. I will be laid off as soon as I get returned from disability...and Worker's Comp. Freakin' Aerospace B/S. I got a Doc Holiday syndrome, something affected my lungs. Put me in the hospital 2/15/08. Was back to work in a month and back out in 3 weeks. Shortness of breath under load...on O2 and meds for Burnt lungs. Tested for Berylium poisening from 1981-1995)tested negitive so far...Penn State did the testing awaiting UCLA for more. Don't know what caused it all but have now perminant Chronic Broncitus and an Asmatic condition of unknow sources. So I may change my Name to Doc Holiday or John Henry Holiday
Good Luck on the job hunting.

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