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In my state we can brandish a firearm to create the apprehension that it will be used in a situation that one can legally use force or deadly force. Draw to low ready with the intent to fire if situation further deteriorates during the draw or presentation.

I actually had to draw my weapon last week...thank God I have trained to follow those rules if there is not a weapon pointed directly at me. I will probably get flamed but here's what happened.

I stopped at a grocery store gas station kiosk, if I'm just buying a soda or cigarettes I'll stop here on my way to work since I can just pull up, get out, get what I need, and get right back in. This day I was paying with cash and there was no one in line or and just a couple at the pump, so I pulled up and left my truck running while I got out.

While I'm reaching in my pocket to get my money in my peripheral vision I saw someone running behind me and a look of shock on the face of the cashier at the kiosk. I turned, saw someone opening my door, and about to get in. I drew to low ready (finger off trigger), and gave a command to stop. In this process I could not see a face, just an outline through my tinted windows, I was looking for hands. He stopped, put his hands in front of him and came out of my car slowly. After the individual cleared the door with his hands up I looked at the face and saw a family member of my wife with a half smile half bewildered look. I guess he thought it would be funny to "scare" me.

I don't advertise my CCW status to everyone but this guy knows I carry. After I told the lady at the kiosk that calling 911 wasn't necessary I proceeded to curse him and let him know how lucky he (or really we) was that my son wasn't in the car. I likely would have skipped the warning and just shot.

I might have to get a sign to put on my windows that say "Joke Free Zone". I fielded several phone calls from angry family members that day, they all calmed down when I asked them what they'd want me to do if that was a real thief, murderer, rapist, or kidnapper. Then they pretty much agreed that the guy was an idiot for playing a joke like that.
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