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I was on another forum and there's a pic of it in Wilson's book on Colt revolvers. He says the Navy cylinder can only be bored to .40, that's why the 60 Army has a stepped cylinder. So there still was never a 51 navy in .44
Show me the Pic and the forum Hawg

Not exactly true. I went to the Colt Collections at the Hartford, CT State Library last summer and they
had a bunch of prototypes that Colt designed but never mass produced. One of them was a .44 caliber revolver
with the octagonal barrel and the hinged loading lever of the 1851 Navy. They even had a Dragoon with a top
strap (full framed like a Remington).
If you're ever in the Hartford, CT area, check out this collection. It's free to the public.
We'll both get a ticket and fly to Hartford, Conn. Home of the Colt Factory. If your wrong you pay my fare, if that Colt prototype ain't there I pay your fare. And I'm ready to go anytime you are.

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