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Ok Hawg, I haven't been to the museum and seen it either jus' going by what I'm told. But a .40 cal protoype exists we both give it that much correct? Then wit would be a Nay .36 cylinder therefore an 1851 Navy prototype in .40cal. So why hang the Italian Mfg for making a replica of it in .40cal but with a .44 rebated cylinder and a rebated frame? More than just Cabelas made them...check gunbrokr. So I say let it rest as a repro rendition of an 1851 Navy Repro prototype .40 cal that went into production in Italy...
Let the shooters that like the 1851 Navy enjoy it as such the same way as the brass framed Revs for a .040" differance . It was a good Idea to make the Navy for the .36 cal & .44cal shooters. Let poeple enjoy what they have for God sake. Just my opinion other's may vary

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