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Rant Casey wrote,
Someone with a less lethal weapon like a bat or a knife that is a reasonable distance from me would get a warning
...and then wrote,
You say you don't carry with one in the chamber, but what if your life is dependent on having a gun ready like in a deflect / fire situation? Seconds count.
My local CCW instructor provided an excellent illustration for a class on this very subject. He wanted to point out the fallacy of thinking that a knife held by the BG somehow gives a time advantage to the armed home defender. While our "good guy" was giving verbal warnings from 20 feet, our instructor illustrated that the BG was able to cover that 20 feet with his knife in under 2 seconds, even faster if knows how to throw the thing. The point...don't be fooled by TV/movie scenes that illustrate poor decisions about warning time. Seconds really do count, and a defender must think this out in advance. 20 feet is no great distance.
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