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To shoot or not to shoot. That is...oh, you get it.

This has been covered before to one degree or another. It was brought up again in a recent thread and deserves to be covered again.

Which of these statements most fits your philosophy when drawing your gun?

1. Never draw until the last second when there is no other option but to fire immediately.

2. Draw your weapon as soon as a threat reaches a sufficient level and only fire if threat continues.

3. Always fire your weapon if you ever have to draw it...period.

4. I will draw if I have to but would never fire my weapon.

My personal philosophy is to never draw until the threat has reached a critical level; but if you wait until there is no other option than to fire, you have made a serious tactical error.

I believe that pulling my CCW is my next to last resort...firing it is the last resort. I am a civilian engaging in the act of self defense. I am not a samurai warrior.
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