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GunKote is your friend. It is like powder coat but is in an easy-to-use liquid form. For curing, you bake it in an oven. A powder coat shop may be able to help you with the curing process.***10400*** Or you can go straight to the source. This may be your best bet, since you are looking for an unusual color.

Start out by fully disassembling the rifle. The "Official NRA Guide to Firearms Assembly: Rifles & Shotguns" is a good place to start if you need diagrams and instructions.

Once disassembled, either go directly to abrasive blasting, or polish metal surfaces with wet/dry paper, but do not go farther than 220 grit. Use a sanding block whenever you sand. From there, follow the directions that come with the GunKote. Just a note: if you want gloss, buy gloss. When they say "flat" or "matte", it really is flat or matte, and there is no way to "shine it up". Satin may be your best bet here.

For the stock, strip and refinish with TruOil or LinSpeed. Apply 5 or 6 coats, sanding with 320 grit paper between coats when the previous coat is dry. For the last 2 coats, do not sand between coats. The results should somewhat resemble the original factory finish.
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