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Night vision goggles that are any good are Gen 3 or better and run in the 2k+ range.

The use of night vision goggles in a static position for surveillance is a reasonable idea. The use of NVGs as a means to search out a threat is bad mojo for most. They require extensive training to use effectively.

Want to find out how difficult they are to use in a dynamic situation? Go get a pair of regular binoculars and try to walk around while using them. Try to walk up a set of stairs and you will find out how limiting they are. NVGs take away your depth perception. Try covering your dominate eye and then try to do a little slap boxing with a friend. You will find that you are at a great disadvantage.

A far better idea is to equip the rooms in your house with ambient lighting. IE night lights. Having ambient light allows you to see the BG and you still have the advantage of knowing the layout of your house. This in no way is advocating the use of clearing techniques. Unless you have a well trained team with you it is a bad idea to search and clear a house even if you are a SEAL. Ambush is very hard to defend against and it is a tactic that the BGs and the good ones use to great effect. Unless the situation calls for immediate action to protect someone who is defenseless forget the "commando" room clearing crap. It may just get you killed.

Yes, the super tacticool lights can temporarily blind the BG. What happens if the BG has a buddy that you didn't see? I am sure we all can generate a mental picture of the outcome. Using a light to search a room is a beacon. May as well have a shoot/stab/bludgeon me sign on your back, IMO.

These things are only opinion, take them for what they are.

Thankfully most criminals are mostly dumb crooks. There are some that are professionals and very adept at what they do.

A favorite saying in the military is that "No plan remains intact upon contact." There is wisdom in those words. Having no plan is a plan to fail. Having a plan that needs adjusting on the fly is not as bad. Include alternate courses of action if and when the situation dictates. Fast thinking is an asset in the "tactical" tool box. As always keep it simple.
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