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OK, finally got to go out and ry the 58 today. Found a .575 Minie mold some time back and cast up a few from pure lead today before heading out. Greased up a few and went to range. Whodathunkit, no one told me they are different caps. Took along the '58 Remis in .36 and .44 that use #11 caps, and I just assumed all C&B took these same caps. Silly me.

Minie sure seemed to fit loose too. I pushed it into bore by thumb pressure, there was some resistance with rod on way down barell, but not much. Is this inherent in this big bore rifle (an easy ride down into barell), and the skirt flares to conform to the rifling, or do I need to be looking at an oversize mould, or perhaps just shooting patched RB. I might try some WW if it really does cool a bit larger. Dang that pure lead was hard to fill out in that big mold. It's a nose pour and could seldom get the nose to fill out before lead cooled. My LEE pot gets much hotter than the little 10# LYMAN, I might try a higher heat temp next time.

Guess I need to go find some musket caps. I learn something every day, but I sure had a hoot making all that smoke while there.
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