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Thing is, my children are in the other half of the house, and if I hear my dog barking for ANY reason, I am up, out of bed and clearing the house. The kids know not to get out of bed for any reason if the dog is barking, and most of the time they dont even wake up. I leave night lights on in the house strategiclly placed so as to cast a shadow on the walls in my line of sight. I have a partition wall that is perpendicular to my bedroom door that I have ripped the sheet rock out and put nothing but solid 2x4s across the opening, so if someone shoots in my direction I will have at least some sort of barrier to stop or slow down what ever may be slung my way. I've walked my house many times, over and over in the dark and know my lanes of fire to keep my kids and neighbors safe. I have done this in every home i have lived in, taken the steps, know my lanes and outlets. And I dont trust anyone, because I have seen best friends and even family come into homes and kill. You may call it paranoia, I call it preparedness.
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