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great home defence

This is how my family handles our h/d needs.My primary weapon of choice is a mossberg 12 gauge pump with a rifled slug barrel and a backup s&w 686 357 strapped and holstered on a clip on belt.I leave the bedroom and check the rest of the house while my wife directs me on the bedroom tv monitors.If the intruder gets past me then my wife will be waiting behind a locked door with her 410 filled with slugs and a snubbie 357 for back up..I have 3 nightvision cameras outside and 3 nightvision cameras inside.The first inside camera is above my bedroom door facing at an angle down,and the second is above the door facing into the kitchen at the back of the house and the 3rd is facing up the stairs to the kids room(no sneaking in or out for our sons)I know i sound a bit paranoid but if there is a bump in the night i want and can to see it from either back door or front.The cameras help us see whats on the other side of the door before we shoot.We also have 2-way radios with ear pieces for my wife and i,and in the kids room we have baby monitors that get turned on every night.Again i know this sounds crazy but as the old saying goes,tis better to have and not need than to need and not have.Oh by the way the cameras i use came from walmart and were only 78.99 a pair.
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