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By staying put in your own home and calling 911 you hold the best cards. If you are in a bedroom, stay there and keep the lights turned off. You know better than any "visitor" to your home, where the walls, doors, windows, furniture, squeaky floors, etc. happen to be. With the lights out the univited guest(s) will be the ones stumbing around in the dark, bumping into things while you wait unseen.

If they turn on the lights you still have the advantage of knowing the layout, and you can wait at the ready to see if they advance to your position. If you have called 911 immediately the clock is counting down in your favor.

In my case, the perimeter doors and windows are alarmed so if there is a break in that call will go out to police in addition to my 911 call. The alarm siren is so piercing that I can't stand it more than a few seconds when I am testing it. So while I am upstairs, in the dark, behind closed doors, armed to the teeth; there is an intruder downstairs in the dark, with the siren from hell going off, and the law on the way. I'm betting they exit quickly, but if they still advance on my position that siren will be the last thing they hear.
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