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As the title says - "Home Invasion Escape plan".

There are times when it may be advisable to evac & evade. Having one intruder is bad enough. Two is downright scary. But if you have more than that (for whatever reason), there's a high degree of danger.

Having a plan for the wife & kids to escape whilst you perform the rear-guard action may be prudent. At least you'll have thought things out ahead of time and know what to do or where to go.

For some folks, it's a no-go. You can't get out without being seen or risking further danger. For others, it may be easier to slip outside undetected and then flee to the nearest (ideally armed) neighbor.

Here in California, we've seen a number of home-invasion style robberies in the past. Usually in the Asian immigrant community. They use 3 to 6 people to invade, terrorize and take what they want. Sometimes people are hurt, sometimes not. Some do end up dead. So the idea of a 3 or 6 man "team" is not improbable.

Like Stephen426 my primary exit is a glass door and it puts me visible to anyone in the living room/dining room area. The next best bet is to exit thru the garage, however the noise of the door opener would draw ill-intent intruders too quickly.

Unless the house is on fire or people are shooting the pets, furniture & walls, the best bet is to hunker down and remain in a defensible position. If possible or necessary, push the bed or other furniture to block the door and defend the entries to the room.

If I can tell there are multiple intruders (who aren't yelling "Police!"), my preference is a defensible position from the bedroom and not be shy about ammo usage. I figure the noise will certainly get the neighbors' attention (especially after shooting out the glass door).
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