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I have 2 dogs <dobe and a sheperd>and 3 cats...and two parakeets. The dogs are well-trained and they let me know if somebody or something is on the property well before any possible break-in. My dobe starts to whine if somebody is at the driveway<long way away...>and my shepherd stays quiet, but is ready and waiting. They aren't mean dogs; it's just their nature to be aware about what's going on. While it's possible a home invasion might put the dogs at risk, the dogs are quite formidable - and any burglar with just a bit of common sense would be wise to steer clear of'em. The cat's? Oh my, I feel sorry for the burglar in my house ie. 3 cats running amuck trying to hide while a dobe and a shepherd get all excited...and the parakeets start sqwawking...
and then their's my wife with her iron skillet and a .38 snubbie...and me with my .25acp.
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