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Well I know in my state for a long time you had to flee from your own home.... and could be prosecuted for killing the perp in your own home. That has changed or so i have heard but dont know the extent of it.

First of all if you have dogs most burglars wont come close to you unless they are Pros. Draws too much attention to what they are doing. If they are pros they wont do the job while you are home because they want to get the most out of your home if they have cased the place and if they are pros believe me they have done their homework.

I agree with a good defense... call 911 and give them as much detailed information as possible. Let them know where you are and that you are armed so when they come through the door they dont shoot you or you shoot them.

The main thing is a plan of action for the whole family. If you have kids they should know what to do if that situation arises. Just like a fire plan ... have a central meeting place... and a secondary incase you cant get to the primary. Get to know your neighbors so if you or your kids get separated and have to leave the house you can go and pound on a door somewhere for help and have them dial 911 as well.

Escape is an option ... I like gathering and defending yourself better. Have to do whatever will keep you from harm both staying or going.
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