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Pro-Hunter Mike,

I'm a bit older than you, but I fully appreciate your clarity in knowing that you want to be a Game Warden.

The other day I was at a county fair listening to a band with friends. I was thinking to myself, "this is nice, but I would much rather be in the wild, hiking with a gun."

Also, being a wildlife refuge hunter (public lands), I've often wished I had the authority to shutdown some yahoos who are supposed to be hunting waterfowl, but instead are shooting at swans, hawks, and anything else that flies.

As far as pig hunting goes, I'm new to it, but I can give you the most valuable piece of information available. Here it is: 35% of the pigs in California are taken from Fort Hunter Liggett in central California. It's about 5 hours south of where you live. It's a hassle to hunt, but it appears to be where the pigs are living (and dying). You should be there too!

Good luck.

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