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When you know that a bad guy is attacking your house why cant you set upn a strong defensive point with something like a belt fed machine gun, or even a tommy gun

My home simply isn't set up well for defending. We're on second floor, two other kids in upstairs bedrooms, but we have one kid in a bedroom at the opposite end of the first floor. There's really no options for changing that setup. We have a lease and can't have a dog. As most of you know, there's simply no good way to go down stairs without exposing yourself. One thing that works both for us and against us is that with the old floors in this place there's no way to navigate much of the house without squeaking floorboards. It's not noticeable during the day, but during a quiet night it's very noticeable. Fortunately, we're in a pretty good neighborhood, but I have no illusions that provides any assurances. We should be mostly "kid-free" within a few years, so we expect to move to a smaller house at that point we'll keep security in mind.
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