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I dont have kids at home anymore so the only thing out of the bedroom i worry about is pets . Colorado was famous for the " make my day law " some years ago and it does not reach to the new " castle doctrine " laws in many states . Statute here is basically the reasonable man doctrine . That means if a " reasonable man " would be in fear for his/her life shooting is permissible. I cant shoot someone for trespass, but by the same token if me and family retreat to a room and call the cops i can shoot anyone who attempts to enter our safe room . If i get up in the night and discover a burgler well if i can explain that a common man would be in fear of assault resulting in grave injury or death ( colorado jurys so far have held breaking in can establish this fear ) i may shoot such a disadvantaged person . Tx took stuff an order of magnitude larger in they basicly state you can shoot thieves . and have enacted laws to protect this premise ( Joe Horn was no billed there and here the best he could have looked for would be manslaughter ) . To the OP tho , MY state does not require me to " escape " if possible . It rather requires me to stay within the " reasonable man " doctrine . which is pretty much common sense . If they kick your door in while you are watching tv well they mean you no good . If they kick your door in at 3 AM well they really mean you no good . If you are in fear for your life you may use whatever you need to to defend yourself . We dont as a rule have home invasions in colorado . We still have crime . but the " burglers " make sure the homeowner is not there , and due to gunsafes they dont take a large collection often .
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