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Ya, well, as soon as I get my .22 Eargesplitten Loudenboomer I'll be able to shoot deer at 4,000 yards. Don't worry, I'll be sure to use an appropriate bullet like a partition or a triple shock.
Just dont forget that nowadays it is required that it have a foreward rail to which you can attach your stopwatch so you can check time between the loud noise and the bullet strike LOL . Really i understand what you are saying , i just am contrary by nature , and sick of chasing down gut shot game , or putting back up electric fences from city slickers who attempt to chase down their own gut shot game in a pickup . When quizzed ( the folks who get caught at it ) all seem to have some belted mag rifle and assure me that it was a " 700 yard shot " . Sorry if i rained on your thread and i did attempt apology in actually stating what i would use were i going to get such a rifle . Both calibers have worked well for me in the past , but i just could not afford the expense or the recoil/noise of them to stay current and consistent , and as noted i see this as a real trend . The best hunter i ever knew died a few years back and he never bothered to update to the " new fangled " bolt actions , he shot a 94 winchester in 30-30( which to me is just not a gun to plains hunt but then i cant stalk game like him ) . He took game every year , and some of it was state approved , as he had the attitude that he pastured it all year so he could collect it when he chose . He died owning that 94, a pump .22 ( also a winchester ) , a single shot 12 ga , and a 38-40 SAA Colt that was his daddys . He could use them all well and i am both a better man and a better hunter for having known the old cowboy .
Be well , and shoot what you will at any range you are confident at . I still disagree with your desire for a caliber rather than a pallet or two of ammo to play with no matter the caliber you currently have ( assuming you have anything in .30 that the US army ever used lol ) . If your dead set on shooting way out there under hunting conditions well go get a 300 or 7mm mag that is just a bit too heavy and long to be comfortable . Bench it to sight in and establish groups tune trigger,ect... then find a pasture where you can safely shoot at the ranges you are looking at , no cheating with reduced targets , and shoot that pallet load or two of ammo, replacing barrels as needed . Set out milk jugs ( they will give you a known size which you can use to " scale " your range when compared to vegetation , fence lines ect.. At the range that you cease to reliably hit a milk jug ( preferably on its side and first shot cold barrel ) you have no business shooting at game of any kind .
ginshun Note that a lot ( not all but a lot ) of what i posted on this thread was aimed at folks who may read it , not necessarily you personally . After reading the thread i strongly feel that you are a responsible person who will not take shots that you dont have a real world reason to be confident in . I did and do play the devils advocate tho on long range in the sense that shooting is a learned skill that is perishable . No amount of male hormones or amount of money spent on the latest technology will replace the money spent on ammo and time spent on practice and by that i dont mean just shooting off the bench at the local range . Make the time to find a place to go shoot field conditions at the real range you want to shoot at . It will be humbling for all at first , a few will master the challenge ( hey i know some " real " riflemen who can shoot that well ) .
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