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The title sez "escape"

But we're all chit-chatting abt defending. So whataya do? Keep long pants, boots, shirt, and a bugout bag folded and ready to go by the bed. Put a trapdoor into the crawlspace under a dresser. If you're trying to get away from the government, they'll be expecting you to hide in the attic or crawlspace (I saw Dallas SWAT on TV, so it must be true) so excavate an underground garage and go through a tunnel to the surplus Patton tank you have fueled up and ready to go. Don't forget the jammer you'll need to confuse the infantry robot that they'll send controlled by a sniper team.

I mean, not that I think it's a ridiculous scenario or anything! Serious abt the folded clothes and boots. Get ready to move and don't count on a smooth escape.

The question is, why are we talking abt escaping from the bad guys? Don't we have guns, phones, and police? What more do we need? How much is enough? And aren't there a ton of threads abt defending your home? And don't every one of those threads have at least one poster talking abt going on the offensive and houseclearing and all that? And by "all that" I mean "all that the prosecutor will need to prove his point that you've chosen to go from being a defender to being an attacker who's out for blood"

Lest ye forget, every one of those posts by someone expressing a tendency to attack a BG reveals someone who could be distracted by a diversion and forgets what it is he's supposed to be defending. You think your wife is going to just let you go tra-la-lalling down the hall to get in a fight? You seriously would leave your wife [children, dogs, goldfish, robots] alone in order to go draw down on someone?

Are we talking abt a complete societal meltdown? Then, by all means, dig a tunnel into a neighbor's yard and take some topo maps with you and try to move your family into the woods and evade, leapfrogging into abandoned homes for food and whatnot as you go, and look for an armory and vehicles. This is as good a time as any to point out that you'll need to indoctrinate your family into going along, and also work on your cardio.

Can o'worms with zombies inside.
What I want, is for every greasy, grimy tramp to arm himself with a knife or a gun, and stationing themselves at the doorways of the rich, shoot or stab them as they come out.
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