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The Baker Man

Armed robbery by a Civil War soldier.

Once we had a good laugh and something to eat, which happened in this way: A big native Pennsylvania dutchman came along with a big loaf of bread under his arm which several of the boys coveted and tried to beg, but it was no use begging. "Me sell him for a quarter" was all the english he could speak, so I made believe I was feeling for a quarter with my good arm, when I pulled out a little Smith & Wesson and told him to drop that loaf, and the way that fellow got over the fence (minus the loaf) and ran, would have done credit to the champion copperhead north, on his way to Canada.
This incident occured during the Gettysburg Campaign when a column of injured soldiers were marching from the battlefield to a hospital train in Hanover. As we know, Gettysburg was a hard won battle and the soldiers felt that besides defeating Lee's army (at last), that they saved Pennsylvania from the ravishing rebel hordes. In light of their accomplishments, it is likely that they thought the breadman was an ingrate.
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