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Well I have been treated equally cruddy by the the CSR's at the airline that always seems to be the lowest bidder everytime I have to fly.

They still keep the planes in the air though the bathrooms smell more and more like the ones in the port authority bus terminal.

Guess my point is, one can have cruddy CS and still turn out a decent product where it counts. Same as in medicine, most surveys show folks willing to deal with lack of bedside manner if the know their doctor is really great.

Seems that in this day in age no many places have any good CS at all.. heck for all you know you were speaking to an outsourced call center.

For some products remmington still makes a product I like and use, What happend with you --- that's more of intrest to me than their CS.... for what remmingotn makes (not a whole lot) I ahve always thought they were good to excelelnt.
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