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So what the heck do you do if your master bedroom has a huge sliding glass door that opens to the patio??? I also have a window that looks onto my covered patio. The bedroom door is on the opposite side of the sliding glass door. I'm thinking the best alternative is the master bathroom which is perpendicular both the bedroom door and the sliding glass doors.

While home invasions are rare, I can recall 2 that happened recently in Miami. One was in Coral Gables which is a pretty ritzy part of town. Its hard to imagine thing happening there since the police response time is insanely fast (about 3 minutes tops). The other hope invasion that made the news happened in the West part of Miami and ended up causing the Dolphin Mall to shut down when the bad guys holed up there.

You can pretend this stuff can never happen to you, but most people believe the economy is going to get worse before it gets better. I'm expecting crime to get worse, not better.
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