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Tons of reading and listening to what experts say is needed to stop a determined threat.
So, in other words, when you say "experience tells me" you actually have no experience, but you've read some stuff and talked to some people. Just wanted to clarify that.
I prefer to put every tool in my box that I can possibly fit before trouble hits no matter how much more rare the need be.
So, you're going to start packing around that S&W .44 Mag with the 6" barrel?
Let me ask you a direct question David. If you could only carry a handgun (since we can't conceal a rifle) & (a handgun that can be easily concealed) what caliber would it be if you knew a gun battle was coming and you couldn't avoid it?
Lots of rifles can be concealed, given the correct dress, and given that I know a fight is coming why would it matter if I was carrying concealed or open? Do I get to have a silencer? Are my opponents mall ninjas? Are we in a dark warehouse with vampires hiding in the rafters? As long as you are playing make-believe, might as well go for the whole thing!
I know you won't answer the question because I've asked it of you many times without a direct answer.
Stupid questions get the best answer possible, sorry.
And please don't act as though you are the only one who studies this issue.
Huh?? Sorry, you are making things up again. I have never suggested that I'm the only one who studies this stuff. I wish more would, yourself included.
You have a history of....looking down your nose many TFL members with whom you disagree.
Gosh, cry me a river. My history is of joining into spirited debate with those who present their argument in a reasoned manner, using logic and facts. What I look down on is those who don't use facts or reason, or try to prove their point by doing stupid stuff like "Imagine you know you are going to go into a gunfight in advance...." when discussing CCW issues.
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