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Yes since I have friends who have taken many of the courses.
So, again, you are discussing something that you have no personal or direct knowledge concerning the topic.
.........doing what you just said.
Except that I went on to point out that is totally irrelevant to selection of caliber and DGU success.
My problem? You base your carry caliber choice on statistics?
Nope. Once again, deal with what is said instead of what you wish someone had said. Statistics are only one part of the equation for me, and I think for most. Like Jim Watson said, I carry what interests me at the time and/or meets my needs at the time. But for typical CCW purposes I don't concern myself with caliber at all.
Then I'm the problem for preparing for the even longer shot............pure hypocrisy.
No, the hypocrisy is that you keep saying that others compromise is wrong and your compromise is right. There is the problem. You ignore all facts that fail to support your particular view and take isolated examples and claim they justify your view. That is hypocrisy. Nobody has said that you are wrong in your choice and you should not carry what you carry. You seem to be the one accusing others.

This quote is from an FBI report written in 1989 regarding the optimum sidearm caliber for LEO's.
Fortunately the role of the CCW and the role of the LEO are quite different, thus what might be optimum for LE may not be optimum for CCW.
Which points me toward yet another hypocritical practice.
I think you must have learned a new word. I would suggest that you learn how to correctly use the word if you are going to continue to use it in conversation. Many of the things you keep claiming as hypocritical have nothing to do with hypocrisy. This little rant of yours is a good example of that.

Why is it whenever the small caliber debate comes up someone always comes up with the stupid reply of "well if your going by the odds, you might as well not load it". I mean really, you should be able to come up with something better then that.
They should, but they can't, which indicates just how shallow their argument is when you get right down to it. When one has to resort to using completely implausible concepts or trying to restrict choice to obviously invalid responses it is usually pretty good evidence that they cannot make their point with facts and logic.

These figures were the FBIs, so I dunno. I suspect there were a heck of a lot more than 10 gunfights david.
Irrelevant. The issue was/is the proper understanding and use of the term "average" in the context of the discussion.
Something like what Jeff Cooper said about .25 autos and weither to keep them loaded or not.
Would that be the same Jeff Cooper who said, "What about the 22 for self-defense? We do not recommend it, but we certainly do not disregard it. In the first place, most defensive situations are solved by the presence of a gun, rather than by shooting. Nobody wants to get shot with anything, and a goblin confronted with a 22 is just as much affected as if he were looking into a larger muzzle." Or perhaps it was the same Jeff Cooper who said, "A good grade of pocket 22, fitted with a good trigger, has much to recommend it for house defense...." Or maybe it was the Jeff Cooper that said, "At risk of sounding loony, I maintain that the 22 long rifle is a considerably more practical cartridge than the 38 Special, or for that matter almost any other handgun cartridge."
Heck, carry a twinkie if twisted stats like those above are what you go for.
Sigh. The stats aren't twisted, but your ability to understand them certainly seems to be.
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