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Caliber CAN make a difference, even if the gun isn't used. In a carry gun, a stainless bore, and a 45 caliber hole generally make a greater impression then my 22 short Beretta would.
I suppose it's possible. Then again, don't most shootings happen in low light? I would think that if the goal is to be visually imposing the argument would be stronger for a large GUN than for a large CALIBER gun. Someone might reasonably mistake a subcompact .45 or 10mm for a mouse gun in low light while the gun below would be quite forbidding, even if one were to observe the muzzle clearly.

It's a .177 pellet gun with a recessed muzzle.

It would be interesting to see what a survey would say, but it seems the two most common responses to having a gun produced and pointed. One of them is that any gun being pointed at at a person seems to have a very large muzzle to the pointee. The second is instant flight by the pointee without any time taken to analyze the size/finish/caliber of the gun.
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