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Never Buy Remington. Never

Called Remington on 07/07/08 to get a UPS tracking number on a package they were supposed to be shipping me for over a year's worth of hassle in dealing with them on other unrelated matters. In all the years I have had problems I have always refused free goods and services when offered. Always.

For some reason (still unknown to me) the girl refused to look up the information for me and refused to transfer me to a customer service manager when I requested it. She claimed no manager was available. When I asked for her name the conversation went like so:

Me: Can I get your name?
Her: No. What do you need that for?
Me: Can I get your name?
Her: No. What do you need that for?
Me: I need it to make this conversation part of my complaint.
Can I get your name?
Her: No.
Me: Are you seriously not going to give me your name?
Her: I guess we have nothing further to talk about.

She refused to give me her name and hung up on me.

You don't wan't to provide your name? Fine. Send me to a manager. Problem solved for you.

Are you kidding?

So I call back right away and dial into a different department knowing if I call the toll free number I just called all I am likely to get is the same treatment. When I reached legal (which I dialed at random just to get a live human) I got the woman to transfer me to a customer service manager.

What? wait a minute (I thought to myself) there is a manager in the office. Talked to her and finally got an answer after another hour goes by and she calls me back.

This is it. This is the last straw. I have been doing business longer than I care to admit with all sorts of companies and I don't ever remember being hung up on. This after they were supposed to be "compensating" me for a year long nightmare with them already. They can't get it right even when they are trying to make it right for something else they made mistakes with.

Still business a usual at the ol' Remington Arms Company. For all you Remington representatives out there hear this: No need to ever worry about me "bothering" you for anything again. If Remington was the only gun maker left on the planet I would give up hunting and shooting forever. You can keep all your quality control problems, customer service problems, and manufacturing blunders and save them for ten year olds who don't know better, guys with religious like loyalty to your "products" regardless how how you make them, and the carnival rube set. I am done.

Finally, I find it interesting that over the decades I have bought guns from Marlin, Glock, Tikka, CVA, Winchester, Beretta, Walther, and S&W to name just a few. I have never had any problems with any other gun maker. Never. Not one. Lucky? Maybe. I think not.

To each his own, but if any TFL members wan't my opinion, I say buy some old Milsurp from Paraguay before buying so much as one shell of ammuntion from these people who attempt pass themselves off as a gun company. End of another era I guess. Just too blind to see it.

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