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I wasn't there when the delivery arrived. My father accepted it, not knowing.
Well, all I can say is that it takes two people in order to miscommunicate. I think that there is partial blame here for both you and the staff at Ed Brown.

Some other custom shops that I have dealt with have a return policy, but only if the gun is inspected before the transfer, and immediately returned. For once a gun has been transferred, it legally becomes used merchandise, and can no longer be sold as new by the vendor.

CZ's Custom Shop, for example, has such a policy, and warns customers to make an inspection before accepting the transfer. They even prominently mention this in their ordering FAQ, as you can see here:

However, I see after checking the Ed Brown website, they have no such return policy. They offer no replacements or exchanges of any kind on firearms. Period. So you are right, this point of not accepting the transfer would have made absolutely no difference with them.

But a person should always research what a company's return policy on products is, BEFORE buying from any firm. Especially for big ticket items like this. So if you did not know this policy, you should have. And knowing that policy, should have then made you take every possible precaution to make sure that there were no misunderstandings of any kind. Since you would have known ahead of time that there would be no recourse.

You yourself admit that you had questions about the rifle, and did not know what the cryptic RV designation for the barrel meant. You have to realize that you were probably just talking to an order taker, a sort of clerk. They are not necessarily firearms experts or hunters themselves. So your stories of planning a hunt in Africa probably meant very little, if anything, to them.

It seems to me that you made some assumptions here with this order, and failed to do your homework properly, either regarding this specific gun's specs, or regarding researching Ed Brown's ordering policies.

You cannot blame Ed Brown for your own shortcomings in this matter. Nor can you blame them for following their own clearly stated policies.

If a person has a problem with these policies, then they should not purchase products from Ed Brown in the first place.

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