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I need a place to pig hunt...

Hello anyone who can help me! my name's mike im 19 and i am an avid hunter and fisherman. For a long as it was legal iv'e been hunting duck and deer. im at the age where iv'e finally decided what i want to do with the rest of my life. i want to be a wildlife management specialest. What does that have to do with pig hunting...

well i find that i don't have any experience hunting other game and thought it would be best to start out with pig because its season is all year round. i live in sonoma county and am willing to drive about 200 miles to do this. trouble is im having a hard time finding any land in that area to hunt.

If anyone knows a place for me to hunt that would be great.

STATS: i dont need a guide, just a map and a compass and just some land to track on. "Im eagle scout". But if a guide is mandatory thats just fine for me.

i am a rifle hunter but have a shotgun that i can use slugs in (if needed)

I have all gear from guns, socks, blaze and camo

I'm all about hunting safe and conserving the wilderness. I want to become a DEPARTMENT OF FISH AND GAME WARDEN.

Your help will be really appreciated!!! Im really getting sick of waiting for deer season to start again so you know where im coming from.

P.S. There are couple of pics below for any to see if they would like.
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